LocoMotion Matching

A fully replicated, optimised locomotion system delivering smooth, high-quality character animation. Built using motion matching, and designed to be extendable, providing a robust foundation for developers to build their games.

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LocoMotion Matching is a fully-replicated locomotion system that leverages the power of motion matching and uses animations created with Motorica's MoGen tool suite to drive high-quality, smooth character movements for your games!


Character trajectory does not properly replicate in the base engine at the moment, but my plugin fixes this. This project will not work without it, so make sure it is installed to your engine before opening LocoMotion Matching!

Have a look at the showcase trailer below to see LocoMotion Matching's key features

Showcase Trailer

Dive into the documentation to learn how to get the best out of LocoMotion Matching


Test out the system in action

Demo Project

Join the support discord to get in touch with any issues or suggestions, and connect with other devs using LocoMotion Matching!

Support Discord

Main Features

  • Structured, optimised animation blueprint using thread-safe updates to deliver high-quality animation without clogging up your game thread
  • Simple Base Character with two variants (Singleplayer and Multiplayer) to provide a base to build your characters upon.
  • Motion matching driven AnimBP with upper body layering, additive jump/land, hand IK, foot IK & foot placement, stride warping, orientation warping and more!
  • Replicated for multiplayer compatibility, keeping animation quality high across the network
  • Drag-and-drop animation structure using pose search databases and choosers, allowing you to easily adapt the system to match your game's style!

Other Features

  • Experimental runtime retargeting setup to make retargeting easier, or to test how animations will look on your character before retargeting base assets
  • Basic aim & fire implementation, as an example of you you would build actions into your gameplay

License Agreement

Plugin Dependencies: PoseSearch, AnimationWarping, AnimationLocomotionLibrary, MotionTrajectory, Chooser and ReplicatedCharTrajectory.

Contains animations from Lyra and the Game Animation Sample Project (for demo purposes)

기술적 세부사항

Project Composition

  •  1 base character BP with 2 children (one for singleplayer, one for multiplayer)
  •  1 AnimBP for all character animation
  •  1 Data table containing all the upper-body pose information for easy management
  • 2 interfaces for blueprint communication (one for the character, one for the AnimBP)
  • 2 anim notifies to automatically add curves necessary for foot locking
  • 1 Blueprint Function Library
  • 6 example maps to showcase the project's features in different scenarios
  • Over 290 animation examples
  • Various Structs & Enums used by the above blueprints

Input: Keyboard & Mouse, Gamepad

Network Replicated: Yes

Important/Additional Notes: As mentioned, this project requires the replicated character trajectory plugin.