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Magic Spells Sounds - Bundle Collection -

1.448 High-Quality magic spells sounds

  • 지원 플랫폼
  • 지원 엔진 버전
    4.15 - 4.27, 5.0
  • 다운로드 유형
    애셋 팩
    이 제품은 기존 프로젝트에 임포트 가능한 언리얼 엔진 애셋의 모음을 포함하고 있습니다.

Magic Spells Sounds - Bundle Collection -

1.448 High-Quality magic spells sounds (747 as the original version of the sound, 701 with an echo enhancement to make the sound more interesting), divided in categories:

- Elemental Spells (fire, ice, wind, thunder, earth, shadow, water, etc...)

Buffs & Debuffs

- Magic Explosions 

- Healing Spells 

- Projectiles, Lasers, Magic Attacks, Whooshes

- Magic Barriers & Protections

- Musical Spells (Harp, guitar, synths)

- Sci-Fi

- Ambiences (magical, dark, holy, etc...)

- UI

🔊YouTube Link (hear the video preview of the 1.448 SFX)

📜 Tracklist PDF

(optional)Soundcloud link (hear the audio preview of the 1.448 SFX)

Total value of the packs separated: 49,95$

This bundle: 24,99$

Packs included in the bundle:

- Magic Spells Sounds

Healing Spells Sounds

Cute Magic Spells Sounds

4 Elements - Magic Sounds (Thunder, Healing, Shadow, Arcane)

4 Elements - Magic Sounds (Air, Fire, Earth, Water)

This bundle can be complemented with:

Combat Sounds - Bundle Collection -

More about the pack:

- Intuitive file naming.

- Very easy to implement in your game.

- Put more life to your game with this pack.

- A very good resource for combat sounds at a good price.

- You can use the original version and the echo enhancement together to create variations of the same spell action.


All files are in:

WAV - Stereo 44.1 Khz, 16bit

[Use them again & again]

Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.

If you want variations of the SFX you are allowed to alter pitch, tones, etc... For your projects.



기술적 세부사항

Number of Audio Waves: 1.448

Number of Audio Cues: 1.448

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz / 16bit

Do Sound FX loop: Depending of the use

Minutes of audio provided: 1 hour and 12 minutes

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