Sharur's Ancient Cedar Forest

Sharur - 배경 - 2022/06/30
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Stylized painterly Ancient Cedar Forest environment with a huge variety of plants and ancient ruins.

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DISCLAMER: This product supports Nanite for Unreal Engine 5.0+

Nanite is only available for Static Meshes that do not have opacity materials (all vegetation in this project is not compactible with Nanite) and is using traditional LODs and Billboards.

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Explore the Ancient Cedar Forest filled with mysterious ancient ruins of long-forgotten civilization!

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This pack contains: giant cedars covered in ivy, birches, tall grass, flowers, smaller plants for variety (like kauri and devil's claws), ruins of the ancient towers, strange looking obelisks, massive cliffs and a variety of VFX (dust, falling leaves, wind). This is pack is taking advantage of Nanite and was build specifically for UE5. All plants have billboards as final LODS to ensure smooth FPS. Feeling like changing the weather? This pack also comes with two Material Parameter Collection controls for Pivot Painter Wind that will affect all foliage at the same time. To speed things up, while building your custom map (or modifying two existing ones), this pack comes with MASS mountains and a landscape material with Parallax support.

기술적 세부사항


  • 88 unique meshes (cliffs with two different material setups, giant cedars, birches, ferns, violets, hydrangeas, moss, grass, kauri, devils claws, obelisks, landscape static meshes for decoration, ground slopes, water, roots, leaves, hakonechloa plant and tower ruins).
  • Pivot Painter wind system for all plants with dedicated MPC controls so you can adjust wind with one click.
  • Nanite rocks, ruins and obelisks.
  • 4 MASS mountains assembly.
  • Easily adjustable shaders with 4 levels: bottom, mid, top and grunge.
  • Parallax Occlusion shaders for landscape.
  • Environmental effects (dust, leaves and flower petals).
  • Landscape material with 5 layers.
  • 2 example maps.
  • World-aligned material for Nanite meshes to ensure variety.
  • Modular ancient tower ruins.
  • Clouds cards and shadow sun material.

Texture Sizes:

1 7094x3547

92 4096x4096

134 2048x2048

11 1024x1024

3 256x256

3 256x256

42 Pivot Painter Textures

Collision: Yes, automatic

Vertex Count: 118,976 to 2

LODs: Yes, Automatically Generated and Custom Foliage LODS

Number of Meshes: 88

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 200

Number of Textures: 283

Supported Development Platforms: 



PlayStation 4/5


Supported Target Build Platforms:



PlayStation 4/5