PANORAImake - Complete & Accessible AAA-Grade Landscape Texturing

Sylvain L - 代码插件 - 2022/08/11

A very flexible and powerful Landscape auto-material creator; tailored to suit as much use cases as possible with a focus on accessibility and intuitiveness!

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  • 支持的引擎版本
    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0

PANORA|make is a single-person project aiming to be the most accessible and complete landscape texturing solution for Unreal Engine.

Regardless of your workflow, PANORA|make can be a great addition to it. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, following a specific workflow or not, this plug-in spares a lot a time leaving only the creation itself as the main focus.

It uses a non-destructive mask-based workflow to automatically paint its materials as well as allowing you paint them manually. These masks are made by you, by using filters and noises that you can add, subtract, multiply by each other to create the result you want.

Some presets contain multiple Biomes depending on the license, which are the combinaison of the main Auto layer and its paintable Sub-Layers. You also have access to Correction Layers which allows to paint materials on top of all the biomes. So you can for example paint a desert and a forest area, each with their own sets of rules and masks ! 

(See here for more details about the Licenses and here about the biomes.)

Basically, it's a very flexible and powerful Landscape auto-material creator, tailored to suit as much use cases as possible.

Its flagship features are: 

  • Easy to understand Layered Workflow

PANORA|make uses a very easy to understand layered materials workflow, which are then applied on the landscape using masks created by the user. They can also be applied manually with the default Landscape painting tools. The user can apply advanced effects to the materials themselves like Triplanar Mapping, UV Breaking, Parallax Occlusion Mapping, Distance-Based UV Scaling with just a click.

The Interface is a core component of using PANORA|Make, allowing to use its extensive features without having to scroll hundreds of Instance lines. It also allows a much more ergonomic and comprehensive layout along with extra features like the Auto-Converting of the imported textures, the ability to import from other materials, guiding the user through the creation of an Instance, etc. 

The Mask Builder allows the user to make its own masks based on Filter or Noises, which can then be Added/Multiplied/Subtracted together. There is also the possibility of breaking the Vertex Masking with a normalmap to get a more natural and random result. One of the filters is a Splatmap Importer, allowing the user to quickly import a splatmap from World Machine or other software and use one of its RGB channels as a mask. 

It is also possible to link filters between different Sub-Layers, to apply noises only on a zone defined by another Sub-Layer, exclude a zone defined from the mask of another Sub-Layer, etc. (Example : apply a noise only on the slopes of a terrain, etc.)

You can think of the mask linking as the anchor points in Substance Painter, it is basically the same workflow.

The landscape supports Runtime Virtual Caching, allowing the user to get more performance out of the final landscape. If there is need for a dynamic feature like Distance-Based UV Scaling on one Sub-Layer, it can be excluded from caching. 

It all comes down to choice and the ability to let the user make his own tradeoffs.

Since the tool allow for multiple Biomes (Freelancer & Studio licenses only), an atlas system is fully integrated to allow the end user to group textures together on a single file to reduce the number of Texture Objects used (64 Maximum on Unreal.) These atlases can still use UV Operations like Triplanar Mapping, Breaking of the UVs, and still keep their mipmaps, the user has settings to change how the atlasses are applied.

Try out the Free Demo and see for yourself ! You can find the full documentation here and a packed Winter Demo here. No assets are included, access to the plugin itself is what's sold !

NOTE : It is possible to upgrade a license to a Studio one after is has been purchased. Please reach out if you'd want to upgrade your license.