Airplane Sample Pack

Nurgeldi Novruzov - 音效 - 2022/09/29

Hello, there are 101 airplane sample sounds in this pack! Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to support us!

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Various plane and engine sounds that could be used in games, game cinematics, films etc.

Multiple sounds can be combined to create more suiting scenes to your work. 

For example: Flanged_Rumble_3, Landing_1, Flyby_16. All up to your imaginary.

Pack Includes 101 sounds.



  •  101 sound effects
  •  48 kHz, 32 bit, wav, stereo
  •  23 various flyby sounds
  • 20 various rumbles
  • 39 engine sounds and more 

Number of Audio Waves: 101

Number of Audio Cues: 101

Sample rate / bit rate: 48.000 Hz

Do Sound FX loop: No

Minutes of audio provided: 30 minutes 5 seconds approxiamtely

Supported Development Platforms: Windows: Windows: (Yes), Mac: (Yes), PS: (Yes), Linux: (Yes)