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Basic Vtol Template

Alianza Store - 蓝图 - 2021/11/21

A VTOL Model, fully manageable and editable with a retractable landing gear for its vertical descent

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    4.24 - 4.27
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This Package is designed in order to balance the gameplay with reality, allowing a credible simulation in both modes (Airplane or Vtol), quite manageable, in addition you can edit multiple values ​​to obtain the desired movement, in addition to having a train of landing animated by time sequences, all based on static meshes.

The package has separate blueprints, one for Vtol mode and another for Airplane mode, this will clarify it because it is not a single single blueprint but two flying pawns with different characteristics which are linked to each other, this in order to have a reliable edit in both cases

As usual, our packages will be updated as the downloads go up.

10 Discharges = Integrated Machine Gun

20 Downloads = Unguided Rocket Launcher

30 Downloads = New Aircraft Model (V-22 or F-35)

40 Downloads = New Aircraft Model (yak 141)

+50 Downloads = New Aircraft Model every 10 Downloads

DEMO: https://alianzagames.itch.io/vtol-template-pack


2 Blueprints BP_

22 Static Meshes SM_

2 Blueprint Widget BW_

8 Materials M_

5 Textures T_

1 Demo Level