Citrus fruit pack vol. 1

3DBex - 建筑可视化 - 2023/01/27

This is a pack of six different types of citrus fruits created through the photogrammetry process. Each type of fruit in this pack has two distinct variants with photorealistic quality.

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    5.0 - 5.1
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This citrus fruit pack was created through the photogrammetry process to ensure the best quality in presenting photorealistic 3D models in renders, videos and games.

These assets feature high-quality 4K textures and six different types of fruit, each with two distinct variations, for a total of twelve different models.


Package features:

  • Fruits included in this package: mango, cashew, orange, lemon, passion fruit and tangerine.
  • Six types of citrus fruits and two variations for each type (total of 12 models).
  • Textures in 4K quality (4096x4096).
  • Three PBR textures (color, ambient occlusion and normal).
  • Total number of vertices: 90026.
  • Compatible with windows and mac.
  • Number of PBR textures per 3D model: 3 textures (color, ambient occlusion and e normal)
  • Total amount of PBR textures: 36
  • Formats: Unreal Engine