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FANTASTIC - Village Pack

Tidal Flask Studios - 道具 - 2022/09/19

A stylized asset pack with customziable buildings, props, water and environment assets to build a stylized fantasy village for your game.

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Originally Released: 5/24/2021 

>> Watch the TRAILER <<

>> Building customization VIDEO <<

This pack contains the complete FANTASTIC - Food Pack which can also be purchased separately.

This pack contains over 400 unique assets to easily build your own village. Thanks to the modularity of the building assets you can create a vast variety of housings and build defenses for your village with modular walls, fences and spikes. Decorate your game with a variety of props such as furniture, carts, food, flags and much more. Spice up your village with stylized nature assets by placing trees, grass, bushes and stylized water. You also get the demoscenes as seen in the screenshots and video. Detailed documentation included to get you started.

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  • modular building assets
  • preassembled building blueprints
  • props and prop blueprints
  • tree, bush and grass including customizable wind material
  • customizable stylized water material
  • Effects for fire, smoke, windtrails
  • 2 handpainted skyboxes for day and night

Number of Unique Meshes: 452

Custom Lightmap UVs: Yes

Collision: Yes, custom and automatically generated

Triangle Count: Props 8 - 1604 tris, buildings 42 - 2568 tris

LODs: Yes for trees

Number of Materials: 55 Material Instances and 12 Master Materials

Number of Textures: 79 including Normal Maps

Texture Resolutions: 2 8192x4096, 56 2048x2048, 9 1024x1024, 3 512x512, 8 256x256, 1 128x128

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Documentation: URL link inside the package

Interiors for buildings are not included. Foliage assets (trees, grass, bush) are compatible with the Landscape tool.