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Flexible Combat System

Jon Beardsell - 蓝图 - 2022/06/30

This System is a RPG Starter Kit, including Advanced Melee, Ranged & Magic Combat, Advanced AI, Inventory System, Dialogue & Quest System, Skill Trainers, Equipment, Icons, Sound FX & Music, Niagara VFX and much more! Implemented entirely in Blueprints

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    4.27, 5.0
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⚜️ This System has everything you need to create a Game! It comes together with a full set of Tutorials explaining how each feature work and how it can be changed to fit your own games needs! ⚜️

Over 2000 thousand hours and $5000 dollars have been put into this System to ensure it provides a huge selection of features and Art aiming to compete with that of Triple A Games. The System is specifically designed to be Flexible aiming to fit a wide range of games types. A lot of thought has gone into making the Blueprinting as simple, understandable and as well laid out as possible to help you get a fast understanding of how the system works so you can jump straight into adapting it for your game. Check out some of the reviews and videos to get a better understanding of the system!

⚔️ System Videos & Demo ⚔️

Cinematic Trailer - (In Progress)

System Features - (In Progress)

Tutorial Playlist - Click here for Tutorial Playlist (some videos still in production, functionality, ALS integration & more!)

Try out the Playable Demo - Click here to Download Packaged Demo

⚔️ Video Reviews ⚔️

Matt Aspland

⚔️ Primary Features ⚔️

  • Melee Combat (Dual Wield, 2H, 1 Handed Left, 1 Handed Right, Fists, 1 Hand Shield, Shield)
  • Ranged Combat (10 Arrow Types)
  • Magic Combat (57 different Spells)
  • Inventory System
  • Dialogue System
  • Quest System
  • Input Buffer System
  • Trading System
  • Dynamic Equipment System
  • Targeting System
  • Combat Text
  • Assassinations (Melee & Ranged)
  • Levelling Up System
  • Storage & Looting System
  • Stats System
  • Full Set of Animations
  • 3 Armor Sets (Melee, Ranged, Magic)
  • Full set of Icons for each Item & Spell
  • Static & Skeletal Meshes for each item
  • Advanced AI
  • Sound FX
  • Music
  • Full set of Niagara VFX
  • Save System

If you have any questions please feel free to hop into my Discord or Comment on one of my YouTube Videos


Number of Animations: 273

  • Locomotion
  • Interactive AFK Idle
  • Brake
  • Strafe
  • Light Attacks
  • Heavy Attacks
  • Blocks
  • Turn In Place
  • Crouch
  • Assassination
  • Aiming
  • Hit Reacts

Number of Blueprints: 177

  • Actor Components
  • Blueprint Interfaces
  • Widget Blueprints
  • Behaviour Tree Nodes
  • Item Blueprints
  • Level Blueprints

Number of Niagara VFX: 110

  • Spells
  • Arrow Special Damage FX

Number of Sound FX: 127

  • Movement
  • Combat
  • Spells
  • Background Music

Number of Meshes: 114

  • 3 SK Armor Sets
  • Weapons
  • Arrows
  • Demo Arena Environment
  • General (Coins, Potions etc)


  • Space.Bar.Anim - If you are looking for Animations check out Space's Page! He assisted me with almost all the animations in this Pack!
  • Giorgigedianidze - If you are looking for Niagara VFX check out Giorgi's Page! He assisted me with a lot of the VFX in the system

Input: Keyboard, Mouse (Controller to be added in future update)

Network Replicated: No (Multiplayer to be added in a future update)

See Tutorial Playlist for Instructions on using the System