BeadleGames - 蓝图 - 2024/06/15

A Main Menu, Pause Menu, Options Menu, a handful of backgrounds, a Damage system and basic Save/Load checkpoint System

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A Main Menu, Pause Menu, Options Menu, A basic Save/Load Checkpoint system, A Basic Damage System, and a handful of backgrounds. This is just what I wish I had when I started Unreal Engine.



  •  Main Menu
  • Options Menu
  • Pause Menu
  • Save/Load Checkpoint system
  • Damage System
  • Death Screen
  • A handful of background images

Number of Blueprints: 21

Input: C key to spawn cubes, x key to delete them, 3 for delete save, h key to heal, p key to pause, left click to attack

Network Replicated: (No)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)Mac: (Yes)

Documentation: Documentation can be found within each of the blueprints and at Creating a Main Menu | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation

Creating a Pause Menu | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation

Saving and Loading Your Game | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation

Traces with Raycasts | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation

Important/Additional Notes: N/A