Oculus VR Darts Game

Check out the description for more information about this Learning Path project from Unreal Online Learning.

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    4.24 - 4.25
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Check out the associated Learning Path "Oculus VR Production for Unreal Engine," on learn.unrealengine.com.

This wide-ranging learning path consists of 12 courses, each focused on providing comprehensive instruction for developing VR experiences in Unreal Engine. The courses have been built to illustrate problems commonly faced during production, as well as to walk you through how to identify and solve them step-by-step.

This vertical slice of a VR Darts Game will allow learners to better follow along with the courses and learn alongside the instruction. Also includes a final version that learners can play in and use as an example of completed project.


See Oculus Support page for Recommended and Minimum Hardware Specifications