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Path Tracer Toolkit

Andrew Esenin - 蓝图 - 2022/07/05

Spline toolkit for drawing paths and borders in editor or at runtime, with lots of settings

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    4.27, 5.0
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With the help of this toolkit you can manually create paths and borders with splines in the editor or generate them at runtime using point arrays, and customize the visuals according to your needs.

Entirely built in blueprints

Video (YouTube)

Playable Demo (Google Doc) You can change path tracer settings directly in the demo

Documentation (Google Drive)

Note: All example gameplay code is located in the PC_DemoPlayerController


  • Can be edited and generated at runtime and in the editor
  • Only need to call a single function to draw a path through your points
  • Extensive customization options
  • Automatic corner rounding and a variety of rounding styles
  • Customizable visibility effects for parts of paths obstructed by objects
  • Variety of customizable settings like: Color, translucency, scaling, looping, corner size, customizable markers that follow the beginning and end of the path, visibility through objects, dashed line effects, ground offset, border expansion and contraction, ability to limit paths by distance, etc.
  • Procedural circle and square materials for rapid prototyping directly in-engine without constant need to correct textures in a standalone graphics editor
  • Procedural drop shadow effects for marker textures that improve visual readability
  • Texture baker — lets you bake textures to easily increase performance once you have finished generating your procedural materials
  • Basic turn-based game example with:
  • Simple grid actor that supports a significant number of cells
  • Cell blocker actor for the grid
  • Move area aсtor (Which renders the borders of the character's movement area)
  • Basic global map example with colored paths where you can specify the number of sections, their color and length
  • Info widget — displays text near the cursor
  • Ability to use your own meshes and materials for generation
  • Ability to edit main path parameters at runtime
  • 3 demo levels with use examples containing logic built in blueprints



  • 2 Main Blueprints
  • 2 Main Widgets
  • 25 Path tracer blueprint examples
  • 33 Path mark examples
  • 16 Materials
  • 60 Material instances
  • 27 Mask textures
  • 17 Simple meshes
  • Asset showcase level and 3 demo levels showcasing potential use in a TBS type game (With grid-based and grid-less movement) and an RTS style overworld map