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Polar Sci-Fi Facility

Julio Juarez - 环境 - 2021/11/01

Modular science fiction facility with a grand mountain range vista.

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    4.8 - 4.27, 5.0
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Now updated for UE5! This update is using Lumen for global illumination and reflections. Major updates to lighting and notable improvements to the materials as part of bringing this forward to UE5. Please enjoy!

For my latest environment pack, please check out Spectrum Galaxy!

Project description:

Modular science fiction facility with a grand mountain range vista. This package hosts a wide variety of particle effects (avalanche, snow, sparks, and more) , decals, architecture meshes, props, and vista meshes. Instance materials allow you to customize surface properties such as tint, roughness, emissive, and others to your liking.

Video Preview (UE4): youtu.be/YKlJWGACyZg

If you choose to use the polar facility for your project, please share your results with me! These are some projects I would like to showcase that are using this environment pack.

Community Project Showcases:

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Scene - Monoville

Coreupt Game Prototype - ToyeticConcepts

Gray Fox vs Genji - Round Table Studios

Desolate Abyss - Amber Atkinson

Alpha-Bot Game-play Footage - Fredrik Wisborg


Number of meshes: 52
Triangle Counts: Architecture meshes average at 600 triangles, props range from a simple crate that is 28 triangles to the most complicated detail mesh at 6348 triangles. Vista meshes and high detail meshes have LODS.
Collision: Meshes have proper collision for exception of vista meshes, wires, broken glass, and very small rocks which have no collision.
Number of Materials: Total 110 (includes instances)
Number of Textures: 60 (breakdown below)
32x32: 1
512x512: 20
1024x1024: 11

2048x1024: 2
2048x2048: 15
4096x4096: 11
Number of Particle Actors: 27
Platforms Tested: Windows