Damage Simplifier

Komodobit Games - 代码插件 - 2023/02/01

Blueprint framework for extending and simplifying the damage and health systems.

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This plugin simplifies all of the common systems associated with damage/health systems in your game, from animating health bars with a single blueprint node(works with other progress bars as well), to calculating damage of any integer amount and outputting it as the proper float value for the apply damage node. It also has many more tools to make damage/health systems easy(see features for more info).

It works with any event graph you are in, and is written/optimized in c++ for high performance.



  • Quickly calculate damage amounts from any number with a single node, IE. 50 points of damage on a boss with 5000 max health.
  • Quickly and easily calculate turning a float into an integer with a single node. This is commonly seen on damage indicators in shooter games.
  • Animate a progress bar of any kind with a single node, it is written in c++ to be highly optimized.
  • This plug-in works in any blueprint with an event graph. Just search for "Damage Simplifier" in the context menu once installed.
  • Two new nodes designed for decrementing and incrementing health of any value without having to use the damage system. Can be used for things like health regeneration or even things like a stamina system. IE. increment 40 points of health on a character with 3200 max health with a single node.

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