Pumpkin Pack

its-opo-opo - 道具 - 2022/10/01

Game ready Pumpkins, vines, and jack-o-lanterns optimized for set dressing and foliage placement.

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    5.0 - 5.1
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Pumpkins, with vines, stems, and jack-o-lanterns with a customizable substance graph material. You can use the pre-set materials or create your own with the various substance material parameters available.

Pumpkins are setup for Static Mesh placement, Packed Level Blueprint placement, or foliage scatter placement.

Material uses a BCAO and NRD channel packed textures, and trim sheet style texturing on the assets for performance and optimization.


21 Static Meshes

5 Pumpkins, 3 Jack-o-lanterns

5 stems

5 Pumpkin Vines

1 Pumpkin Patch Vine

2 Leaves

7 Packed Level Blueprints

7 Foliage Actors

1 Substance Material

Outputs 2 Textures

BCAO - RGB [Base Colour], A [AO packed]

NRD - R [Normal x], G [Normal y], B [Roughness], A [Emission Mask]

Exposed Parameters:

Colour, Striations, Stripes/Lines, Pimples, Dry Spots

UE Shader/Material Controls

00 - Texture inputs

01 - Controls

02 - Emission Controls

Material Setups

M_Pummpkin_NRD_Template: Master Material for the props

MF_Pumpkin_Variation: Used to setup the variation for colour and light flicker

Texture Resolution 2048x2048, can be changed

1 Level/Map

Collision: Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns, UCX low poly spheres

LODs: Yes, various.

LOD0 Tri Count:

Pumpkin_A 1488

Pumpkin_B 1296

Pumpkin_C 1260

Pumpkin_D 2100

Pumpkin_E 1736

Pumpkin_JoL_A 1746

Pumpkin_JoL_B 1948

Pumpkin_JoL_C 1156

Pumpkin_Leaf_A 129

Pumpkin_Leaf_B 108

Pumpkin_Stem_A 52

Pumpkin_Stem_B 120

Pumpkin_Stem_C 216

Pumpkin_Stem_D 216

Pumpkin_Stem_E 216

Pumpkin_Vine_A1 465

Pumpkin_Vine_A2 483

Pumpkin_Vine_B1 511

Pumpkin_Vine_C1 507

Pumpkin_Vine_E1 626

PumpkinPatch_Vines_A 942

Supported Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes