Roads Props Kit

FED - 道具 - 2022/08/17

Roads street props & USA signs pack with customizable materials.

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    4.24 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.1
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Other additional content: Road Materials Kit

This pack is a set of high-poly road props models suitable for rendering in close-up scenes and games with high quality detail world. A distinctive feature of the set of props is the possibility of customization, high detail models & textures, customizable materials. VIDEO REVIEW MATERIALS

For this, used next pipeline for creation models, textures & materials:

  • Unified pouring tile textures of surfaces (wood, metal, plastic, concrete), for the ability to customize the surface in the material (color, tile, grime, scratches, etc.) for change texel detalization.
  • Model details are divided into ID texture channels by surfaces, to be able to change the surface to another.
  • Where possible, modularity is used for models.
  • All models have real chamfers and smoothed corners for correct shading without artifacts (important for Lumen Lighting in UE5) Also, the models were unwrapped by uvw unwrap and optimized for fill textures.
  • !! Attention to whom the parameter Draw Calls is fundamentally important, based on the above, I maximize refused to the unique textures in these models.


  • road barriers and blocks (7)
  • road works guard barriers & fences (10)
  • roads cones (3)
  • lampposts (2)
  • electric post (1)
  • billboard (1)
  • freeway guide signs posts (2)

Also includes a set 127 road signs:

  • curves turns (12)
  • divided highway (5)
  • junctions (15)
  • movement (6)
  • parking (2)
  • speed (48)
  • turns (15)
  • work zone (8)
  • other (4)

For ease of placement and use, the signs are combined into blueprint perfab actor. All sign shape plates unified for a certain category of characters. Signs are divided into parts tied to zero coordinates, for ease of modification and placement on the stage with the possibility of further turning into your own perfab. Added main options poles for attaching signs. Implemented the ability to create your own text and symbols for guide signs using separate icons, symbols and letters using the decals material on plane mesh or actor (not blueprint, material individual letters)

Some models have variations & optimization for landscape spline tools (model variation mirrored, rotate) for example guard rail crash barriers. High detail models is compensated by the presence of automatic LODs for optimization in UE4 & in future used Nanite optimization technology in UE5.



  • High Poly & detail models.
  • Unified base textures for surfaces
  • Models with chamfered corners for correct light shading.
  • Customizable materials (grime, scratch, tile)
  • Included grime texture variations & material instances variations surfaces for props.
  • Replaceable materials options for signs and billboards table.
  • Roadside guard rail meshes optimized for use with landscape road spline tool.
  • Added blueprint perfabs actors (road sign, guide sign posts & props with emissive lighting & spot light, guide sign with letters & symbols)

Total Meshes: 214

Number of Unique Meshes: ~ 50

Number of Blueprints Actors: 162

Collision: Automatically generated (Simple)

Vertex Count: 4-95262

LODs: Automatically generated

Number of Materials and Material Instances:

  • Master: 19
  • Instances all: 763

Number of Textures:

  • All: 1135
  • Surfaces: 11
  • Grime: 13
  • Signs: 127

Texture Resolutions: 

  • 512x512
  • 1024x128
  • 1024x512
  • 1024x1024
  • 2048x512
  • 2048x1024
  • 2048x2048
  • 4096x4096
  • 8192x8192

Supported Development Platforms:

  • Windows: (Yes)
  • Mac: (Yes)

Important/Additional Notes:

  • All signs textures & symbols created by me and are my property.
  • Some variations instance materials can defect shading when using nanites (2-3)
  • Includes folder with enable nanite in meshes
  • Size: 6.02Gb