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Tempest Combat Framework

A flexible combat framework that covers a wide variety of combat mechanics and features

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Please Note: This Product Requires a base understanding of Blueprints and how to communicate between them as well as understanding inheritance, Enhanced Input & GameplayTags. if your new to unreal. you will be facing some difficulties understanding the pack.

A flexible combat framework that covers a wide variety of mechanics and features. All of the ground work provided for a SINGLE player type of game. it covers most of the combat mechanics you will want in any famous 3rd person melee game.


Playable Demo: Art Assets Shown in the playable demo like animations, environments, models, vfx, sfx are NOT INCLUDED HERE

Overview Video: Here

Tutorial Videos: Here

Documentation: Here

Example Project: Sample HERE

Note: Verified Users on Discord have access to a project that has ALL the programable features shown in the overview video for the bosses, so make sure your verified if you want the files. (Manual Setup Required For Animations After Getting the Project)


  •  Attributes System
  •  Camera System
  •  Tracing & Damage Dealing
  • Ability & State manager Systems
  • Statistics System
  • Melee Combat Features From Famous Games

Code Modules:

  •  TempestCombatFramework - Runtime
  •  TempestCameraSystems - Runtime

Number of Blueprints: 218

Number of C++ Classes: 24 Classes

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64 Bit