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Time of Day System

Dynomega - 蓝图 - 2022/05/15

Includes the main BP, example map, as well as a collection of time based example BPs for a Sky Rotator Day & Night Cycle, Actor/BP Spawner, Toggle Light & Ambient Sounds based on time, World Object Analog & Digital Clock BPs, Calendar System, and UI.

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Intro Video:

Setup Video:

Documentation: Click here to View Documentation

Integration Example Video with UDS: Ultra Dynamic Sky & Weather

Tutorial: How to set up Auto Save & Loading of Current Time

Download Demo (windows)

Need to add time logic to your project?

My Time of Day Blueprint System provides you with an easy to use, and flexible starting point. After adding the primary blueprint to your world you can then specify the number of real life seconds in a game day as well as the starting point (also in real seconds).

From there you can tap into an event dispatcher, or access the time data on demand from anywhere else in your world.

You can fast forward, pause time, count backwards, and even apply and adjust a speed multiplier at run time with it. This blueprint even comes with a basic calendar system with customizable months and starting year.

In addition to the primary blueprint, a collection of helper functions, as well as multiple example blueprints are also included that you can use as starting points in your projects.

Included with this blueprint system are these examples:

  • Add a Sky Atmosphere Day & Night Cycle with automatic rotation of your Sun and Moon directional lights based on the time of day with the Sky Rotator blueprint example.
  • Add daily time driven spawning of actors and blueprints with the Actor Spawner and Despawner blueprint example.
  • Add lights that automatically turn on and off at different times of the day with the Automatic Light Switch blueprint example.
  • Toggle Ambient Sounds in your world at different times of the day with the sound toggle blueprint example.
  • Add some Analog and Digital Clocks to your world with the blueprint clock examples.

Watch the Setup Guide Video for step by step setup instructions for each example, plus a simple example of creating your own custom logic.

Project and examples are all multiplayer ready (replicated). Examples will show you exactly how you can easily tap into the primary blueprint to create your own time driven logic with just a few simple nodes. You can preview the example map before purchasing by downloading the Time of Day Blueprint System Demo (for windows).



  • Fast forward, pause, and rewind time at runtime
  • Basic calendar system with customizable month names and day counts
  • Set number of real seconds in one game day
  • Set starting point in time in real seconds (for save/load systems)
  • Event dispatcher driven or on demand (helper functions and examples of both methods included)
  • Time is saved in real time but accessed on demand or at a set rate via the event dispatcher
  • Adjustable event dispatcher notify rate, increase for performance vs decrease for precision
  • Create your own time of day based logic with only a few nodes.

Examples included:

  • Sky Atmosphere directional light rotator based on the time of day.
  • Actor Spawner with Despawner at scheduled locations and times.
  • Automatic Light Switch based on time of day.
  • Automatic Ambient Sound switch based on time of day (sounds not included).
  • Analog and Digital clock world objects.
  • UI & Example Maps also included

Number of Blueprints: 7 Blueprint Systems (Main BP + 6 example BPs)

Spawner includes additional examples blueprints for Actors, and Niagara Systems.

Network Replicated: Yes

Windows: Yes

Documentation: UE5 Time of Day Blueprint System Documentation