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Transparent Jackets Cinematic Tracks


Cinematic sound track variety for the apocalypses, science fiction, and other genres. A variety of high quality tracks that represent a variety of moods and situations. Great for cinematics, cut scenes or background tracks.

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A variety of cinematic tracks from a variety of genres that will fit into many types of cinematic scenes or be useful for background music in a variety of situations. 11 tracks plus a bonus track.

Preview the sounds here

The packs include a variety of various inspirations and genres that could fit into a variety of different situations. Many tracks are dark and cinematic in nature.


Number of Audio Wavs: 12

Number of Audio Cues: 12

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz

Minutes of audio provided: 46 minutes

Supports any version of Unreal Engine since they are just audio tracks.

Listen to the tracks here:

Important/Additional Notes:

Use the tracks however you like. Contact me directly if you have questions or need modifications.