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Ultimate Character Ability System

Dridlock Studios - 蓝图 - 2023/09/26

Tap into ancient power with Rune Enchantments—an Unreal Engine asset inspired by a beloved game. Utilize intricate runes and more for elemental spells, puzzles, and more. Elevate your game world with captivating magical systems.

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    5.0 - 5.1, 5.3
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SHOWCASE (With Third Party Icons And Fonts)

A decent understating of blueprints is recommended, A lot of the things in the asset are self explaining or share something from another of my assets. Because of this the documentation is not very complex for this asset.

Free Third Party/External Sounds And Images Used In The Project Are Credited Below:


  • Cube Bomb: Hold able bomb that can be thrown and detonated on command, damages player and launches objects
  • Magnesus: Grab objects with metal phys mat and move it around, push and pull it from you with dynamic materials
  • Stasus: Freeze any physics object where it is, continue clicking on it to build up force and after "x" time it launches
  • Cryonus: Spawn ice towers in water affect objects and player. Set a max amount at one time and place on angles
  • Radial Stamina: Stamina system with exhaustion, dynamic materials and lots of customization
  • Interactive Water: Water that reacts to things moving around in it including player and meshes
  • Interactive Grass: Grass with wind and more, interacts with the player and other meshes moving in it
  • Demo Level: Level that showcases everything in the asset so you can see exactly what your getting
  • Fraction Health: Health system that works in fractions so you can add or take 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 heart from a heart
  • Customizable: The entire pack is super customizable and easy to edit with variables and material instances
  • Camera Effects: Nice looking effects for the camera to make the asset look nice, easy to change or remove
  • Blueprint Only: The whole system is made in blueprints so everything is super easy to understand and change
  • Sprinting: System to speed and slow down the player when holding Shift, links to the Radial Stamina feature
  • Footsteps: Footsteps sounds that change based on what the player is walking on or in, like water, grass, concrete
  • Sounds: Lots of sounds in the pack to make things sound better and not so bland
  • Stylized Trees: Beautiful trees that can be customized a ton, they also match the style of the asset
  • Weapon: Sword that is holstered on the back, no animations are included for it though
  • State-Specific Shakes: Camera shake when running to add a level of realism to the movement system
  • Breathing: When sprinting or out of stamina the breathing sounds change to add realism to the movement
  • Menu: Simple main menu system to exit and enter the demo level. Uses a nice cinematic camera to look nice
  • HUD: Advanced HUD with debugging, Active Runes, Stamina, Rune Selector and more
  • Pause Menu: Pause the game with a handful of options to navigate with, like graphics and resume
  • Modifiable Settings: Settings in the pack are very easy to change and edit to your liking
  • Rune Menu: Menu to change the ability you want to use at the time, auto cancel old rune when switching
  • Fonts: Font pack from google that matches the style and makes the UI less bland
  • Icons: Tons of icons to make clarity when doing thins in the menus of the system


Number of Blueprints: 22

Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Windows: Yes

Documentation: Link