Ultimate VR Template

Modjo - 蓝图 - 2022/09/29

The Ultimate VR Template provides everything you need for all kind of VR game

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Videos :

5.1.2 Patch Features


New Immersive VR Weapon

Slot & Gravity

Physic & Free roaming Pawn + menu + improved interactable BPs

/!\------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /!\

5.1.6 update

-VR character now is roomscale and has physical movement and hands

-fixed bugs (weapon attachments, bows, climbing)

-Grappling hook

-Grappling attachment for guns

-Replaced "item", "slot" & "mc" collisions by respectively "physic object", "world dynamic" & "pawn"

Template Includes blueprints and other assets I have created and uses free assets from Lyra (mesh, texture, materials, blueprints, sounds, niagara vfx, etc), and contain metasounds from Lyra. The assets from Lyra are purely for educational purpose. If you want to use them, you would need to check the licensing condition with Epic Games.

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Create your ambitious VR game with this Template.

Locomotions, smooth turn, body orientation, climbing, inventory, telekinesis grabbing, this starter pack has it all !

This Template expands the Open XR Framework shipped with Unreal Engine 5. Developping Virtual Reality has never been this easy ! Everything is made in blueprints which makes this template compatible with future Engine Versions.


Features :

  • VR character blueprint using the open XR framework
  • VR Roomscale Free-Roaming pawn with physics
  • Free turn & Snap turn
  • Head (HMD) orientation & Body (Controllers) Orientation
  • 4 Locomotion mode : Joystick, Teleport, Teleport Shift, Hands Swings
  • Climbing System with Vaulting, all block and smooth (interpolated) recovery
  • Moving Climbing Actor
  • Inventory system with STACKABLE slots
  • Improved Gravity Glove Grab with outline material and force grab
  • VR Spectator blueprint
  • Interactable actors : Rotating Valve, Translating Lever, Pushing button, Door with interactable knobs
  • Moving Platforms
  • Crouch, slide, and Jump
  • Weapon Attachments (scope, light, mag)
  • Metasounds
  • VR bow
  • Persistent Graphic Settings Menu
  • Physical grab
  • Modulable blueprints, features' logics stored in components
  • Grappling Hook

Number of Blueprints: 75

Input: Any VR controllers within the Open XR framework

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

Documentation: PLEASE READ THIS