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Welcome to the Legacy Unreal Engine Documentation!

This website holds documentation for past-generation Unreal Engine technology.

If you are looking for documentation for the Unreal Engine 4, please click here.

Content on this site is not maintained, and may be outdated.

Prepare Yourself

Before you get started, you should go through the minimum specifications for your project to make sure your drivers and other software and hardware are up to snuff. It's rather annoying to get all geared up to play with the latest Unreal technologies, only to find you need to spend an hour downloading and upgrading half the drivers on your system.

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Documentation usually represents user guides, tutorials, references or ovierviews, or technical guides related to the various subsystems in the Unreal Engine; but there are also pages such home pages and pages such as this which detail other processes not directly related to the development aspect of working with the Unreal Engine technology. Documentation pages are organized for technical and content creation developers, and are associated with various topics for quick referencing of related pages.

Unreal Engine 3 / UDK

Focused on Unreal Engine 3 development

Unreal Engine 2

Focused on Unreal Engine 2 development

Red Links

Links that appear in red color may be inaccessible based on whether you have permission to our private support site for custom licensees.

Due to changes to the site, some red links may actually be available to you. We suggest you try to follow them, and we apologize for any inconvenience.