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Using UDK with Quadro

Document Summary: This page contains useful information for developers using the Unreal Development Kit with NVIDIA Quadro cards.

Document Changelog: Initial version


This document provides guidance to developers using NVIDIA Quadro with the UDK. It includes information about which driver to use, known issues, settings that should be used and any contact information at NVIDIA for reporting Quadro issues.

Driver Version

At this time, NVIDIA suggests you use the latest public driver with UDK. This driver is available at NVIDIA.com, by searching for your specific Quadro card.


Known Issues

There are no known issues with the current, latest Quadro driver and UDK.


NVIDIA recommends that developers using the UDK with NVIDIA Quadro cards use the "Game Development" setting. This can be set by opening the NVIDIA Control Panel and selecting "3D App - Game Development" from the Global Settings panel.

Reporting issues

Before reporting issues

Before reporting issues, please try updating to the recommended driver version for your hardware, and ensuring your settings are set correctly. Usually issues with older drivers have been rectified in newer drivers and this will typically save you any development delays.

Contact Information

If you have an issues that seems to be Quadro related and the information in this document hasn't addressed your problem, please contact NVIDIA at epic-support@nvidia.com. This address is monitored actively by numerous NVIDIA engineers. Please make sure to include the word "Quadro" in the subject line to ensure your issue is routed quickly to the appropriate group. Please note that this is not the general support email address for NVIDIA--those should still be directed to your Developer Support or Devtech engineer.