Adventure Characters Pack 2 - Survival, Survivor, RPG, Shooter, Action

David Grette - Characters - Apr 29, 2024

3D Characters pack of Adventure Characters, perfect for Action, RPG, Battle Royale, survival, survivor, shooter, FPS. Rigged to Epic, modular. A lot of body morphs, skins, easy color change. Included weapons. Ready for Live Link Face (52 blendshapes)

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.0 - 5.4
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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

Time to plunge into the atmosphere of Adventure! (part 2) This is a continuation of the Adventure series, both packages are fully compatible with each other, including the exchange of heads, hairstyles and clothing parts (including top and bottom parts), except Sarah, who is a unique character


A lot of work has been put into this character package - we have implemented an exceptional number of nice features that you will surely enjoy!

Lots of skins, amazing modularity, corrective blendshapes to simulate muscles, several body types (male and female), the ability to exchange clothes between characters, a bunch of accessories and weapons, a demoscene created from scratch with a lot of props for your game, cinematic scene, Control Rig, etc…we’ll tell you more below :) 

This is the second of two Adventure style packages. It includes:

  • James is a main adventure character. He learned to survive, but it changed him forever. Becoming a hermit, he sees the hidden in the darkness, and he is ready for any trouble.
  • Diana is a girl with a dream of adventure! Following her dream, one day she collected all the accumulated money and went to the temple of the Emperor. However, for her, the events that awaited her upon arrival were a complete surprise.
  • Sarah is a born mechanic. Machines, complex technical devices, the smell of oil has been her lifelong passion. She is appreciated in the team for her skills and a specific sense of humor.
  • Kiona, a sweet girl from an Indian village, hides many secrets. Combining modern devices and the traditions of her people, she became a dangerous hunter ... for people.
  • Ryan is a stern mercenary, a secret agent... His difficult nature has deprived him of friends, but he does not need them. He has a task and he will complete it.


✔️ Lots of high quality skins - characters include Basic, Adventure, Survival, Horror skins and several themed ones.

✔️ Love for details - you can look at individual parts of characters for a long time, such as watches, amulets, hairstyles, etc.

✔️ Characters have their own set of weapons - crossbow, bat, Indian bow and arrows, two axes (standard and Indian), pistol, two knives, three types of grenades, signal flare as well as a list of accessories

✔️ Excellent modularity - a lot of layers of clothing allow you to choose the look you want

✔️ All clothes, hairstyles and accessories are compatible between characters (including some top and bottom clothing compatibility) without clipping and other typical problems - create unique combinations!

Note: to combine some parts of clothing, the use of blendshapes is required (included)

✔️ Demoscene is included. It contains a lot of high-quality props - we are sure they will be useful in your game!

✔️ Cinematic scene included - learn the basics of creating cinematic videos with our project!

✔️ Corrective blendshapes to simulate muscle work - now use extreme animations without any problems. We were the first to use this system on the market and it has greatly improved the quality of animations - we hope you like it!

✔️ Adjust the size of chest and hips for female characters

✔️ Adjustable size men's proportions: base, thin, muscular, fat

✔️ Control Rig is included in the project - animating and changing poses is now easy!

✔️ Characters include customized IK Rig files - this will make copying animations easier

✔️ The characters have a full body and underwear. Please remember that using a full body with clothing is not recommended to avoid mesh crossing

✔️ The project includes high quality render scenes with biomes (five additional maps). Make sure the Settings - "Engine Scalability Settings" and "Material Quality Level" are set to the highest quality.

✔️ The blueprint character_name_All_Parts includes all character parts and weapons.

✔️ Advanced material setup based on blueprints.

✔️ Convenient switching of clothing parts via Construction Script.

✔️ Fully customized physics of the characters. Simulation of hair, clothes, body are included.

✔️ You can also change the color of skin, eyes, clothes, accessories and hair.

✔️ Shaders contain fine tuning based on blueprints. SSS, micronormal masks, etc - all inclusive and ready to go!

✔️ The package includes starting animations, but we recommend using the ALC4 or Lyra animations - you will immediately see the difference :)

✔️ 52 calibrated facial blendshapes for cinematic cutscenes, compatible with Live Link Face, Faceware and more.

✔️ Customized Live Link Face - just connect your iPhone and bring your character to life! (may require calibration depending on your face shape)

✔️ Instances and ID Masks of materials are configured, so you can easily control a lot of material parameters.

✔️ Want to see models in action? Just press Play and the scene will come to life! You will be able to see demonstrations of animations, skins, blendshapes, modularity, ragdolls, all accessories - all this in a carefully designed environment of the demoscene. Press F in Play-Selected Viewport to quickly change characters.

✔️ Full compatibility with Epic Skeleton. This is an advanced version of the UE5 skeleton with all additional bones.

Models height: 185 cms male, 175 cms female


  • James: 52779
  • Diana: 67887
  • Sarah: 67546
  • Kiona: 135917
  • Ryan: 152394


  • Crossbow: 24251
  • Bat: 11433
  • Indian bow with arrow: 4220
  • Axe: 876
  • Tomahawk: 2579
  • Pistol: 19306
  • Flashbang grenade: 3083
  • Classical grenade: 2258
  • Combat grenade: 2914
  • Hunt knife: 2658
  • Military knife: 4302
  • Ryan signal flare: 1330
  • James signal flare: 688

📝 Guides:

  1. Animation guides (4 parts - how to copy animations from UE5 skeleton to UE5, how to copy animations from UE4 skeleton to UE5, how to connect our character to your character’s blueprint (shown in the example of ALS), how to connect our characters with Lyra Project)
  2. How to exchange parts between characters in UE5
  3. Live Link Face guide (two parts - how to connect your iPhone with Live Link Face, how to bake face animation and use it with bodies animation)

🎁Source .fbx, .maya files with meshes on quads, textures for various programs - after purchasing any of our products, you can request additional files and any help on working with them by mail It's free!

✔️Characters are made from the scratch, without the use of Daz models, scanning method and others

✔️Low poly, game-ready, rigged, PBR textures

📝Additional bones list

📝We would be grateful if you take our survey - it will help us make useful content in the future!

Thank you, David Grette team ❤️

💌Support mail:


Technical Details

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

IK bones are included: Yes

Animated: No

Number of characters: 5

Vertex counts of characters:

  • James: 59770
  • Diana: 78104
  • Sarah: 78220
  • Kiona: 176160
  • Ryan: 165875


  • Crossbow: 22708
  • Bat: 11138
  • Indian bow with arrow: 4146
  • Axe: 834
  • Tomahawk: 2521
  • Pistol: 10013
  • Flashbang grenade: 2973
  • Classical grenade: 2295
  • Combat grenade: 2835
  • Hunt knife: 2510
  • Military knife: 4155
  • Ryan signal flare: 1309
  • James signal flare: 674

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 30, 614

Number of Textures: 1761

Texture Resolutions: (4096x4096, 2048x2048, 1024x1024, 512x512, 256x256)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes


This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.0+. Here is some documentation on how to setup Lumen.

Lumen Global Illumination and Reflections

Important/Additional Notes:

Used plugins: HDRIBackdrop, AppleARKit, LiveLink, ARUtilities.

Package volume: 22 GB. Lots of content :)

Love you!