Turn Based Strategy

Epic Games - UE Legacy Samples - Apr 27, 2020

Check out this project designed as a foundation for square tile, turn-based strategy games in Blueprints!

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.6 - 4.23
  • Download Type
    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.
This project was created as part of a training stream where Ian Shadden randomly generated a map, created rooms and corridors between, and populated it with teams. It isn't a complete game, but will jump start you with map generation, non-rendered actors acting as data classes, 1D and 2D arrays, random streams, and order of operations via GameMode.

UE-Only Content - Licensed for Use Only with Unreal Engine-based Products

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