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UnrealScript is the programming language for Unreal Engine 3. Because it was designed with games in mind, it contains certain built-in features, such as states and timers, that make implementing gameplay much easier. UnrealScript is compiled, but it is not part of the main executable. This makes it a perfect means of implementing and iterating on new gameplay elements without the need to recompile the entire engine when changes are made.

The language is completely built on object-oriented principles and resembles Java or C++ in its syntax. This makes it familiar to experienced game programmers, and extremely easy to pick up. At the same time, because it is used within the context of a game, some of the methodoligies and principles differ from traditional programming. For example, there are no standard explicit constructors or destructors for objects which can be confusing to those used to more traditional programming languages. Once you become familiar with The Unreal Way, however, things will begin to fit into place and adding new elements to games will be a quick and painless process.

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    Complete reference for the UnrealScript programming language. - Classes - Types - Functions - Operators - Flow - PreProcessor - States - Iterators - Delegates - Interfaces - Replication - Default Properties - Metadata.

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