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Options for controlling selection, editing, and preview aspects of the Level Editor.

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The Settings are a set of properties for controlling selection, editing, and previewing aspects of the Level Editor. These can be accessed in the Level Editor Toolbar .




Allow Translucent Selection

If checked, clicking on geometry with translucent materials applied will select the Actor.

Enabling this option makes it possible to select meshes that are transparent, such as glass objects. Disabling the option can be very helpful in other cases, like in the case of a room filled with translucent particles. Selecting other objects in the room would be difficult otherwise since clicking on the particles would select the Emitter Actor.

Allow Group Selection

If checked, selecting an Actor in a group selects the group instead of the individual Actor.

Strict Box Selection

If checked, an Actor must be completely within the marquee selection box in order to be selected.

Box Select Occluded Objects

When enabled, marquee box select operations will also select objects that are occluded by other objects.

Show Transform Widget

Toggles the visibility of the Transform widget in the Viewports.


Engine Scalability Settings

Provides quick access to Scalability settings that control the fidelity of various rendering features:


Material Quality level

Sets the Material quality level used for previewing in the Viewports. See Material Quality Switch Expression for more information on setting up Materials to work with this setting.

Quality Level



Preview Rendering Level

This sets the rendering level used by the editor.

Real Time Audio


Controls the volume of sounds from the world that are played when the Viewport is set to realtime.


Enable Actor Snapping

If checked, Actors will snap to the location of other Actors if they are within a specified distance.


Sets the distance Actors must be within in order to snap to one another if Enable Actor Snapping is checked.

Enable Socket Snapping

If checked, allows Actors to be snapped to sockets.

Enable Vertex Snapping

If checked, Actors will snap to the nearest vertex on another Actor in the direction of movement.

Enable Planar Snapping

If checked, actors will snap to the nearest location on the constraint plane. This only works correctly in Perspective views.


Hide Viewport UI

Toggles hidden Viewport UI mode, and hides all overlaid Viewport UI widgets.


Draw Brush Polys

If checked, semi-translucent polygons are rendered for the faces of a CSG brush when selected.





Only Load Visible Levels in Game Preview

If checked, only visible levels will be loaded when game preview starts.

Enable Particle System LOD Switching

If checked, particle systems will use distance LOD switching in perspective Viewports.

Toggle Particle System Helpers

Toggles showing particles system helpers in Viewports.

Freeze Particle Simulation

If checked, particle systems will freeze their simulation state.

Enable LOD View Locking

If checked, Viewports of the same type will use the same LOD.

Enable Automatic Level Streaming

If checked, the Viewport will stream in levels automatically when the camera is moved.

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