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A breakdown of the UI elements of the Blueprint Editor when working on Blueprint Macro Libraries.

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A Blueprint Macro Library is a container that holds a collection of Macros or self-contained graphs that can be placed as nodes in other Blueprints. These can be time-savers as they can store commonly used sequences of nodes complete with inputs and outputs for both execution and data transfer.

Macros are shared among all graphs that reference them, but they are auto-expanded into graphs as if they were a collapsed node during compiling. This means that Blueprint Macro Libraries do not need to be compiled. However, changes to a Macro are only reflected in graphs that reference that Macro when the Blueprint containing those graphs is recompiled.

For more information on Macro Libraries and how to use them, please see the Blueprint Macro Library documentation.


Much like with Blueprint Interfaces, when you first open the Blueprint Editor for a Macro Library, you will see a simplified UI without a graph:


Default Visible UI Components

Available in the Window Menu

  1. Menu

  2. Toolbar

  3. My Blueprint

  4. Details

  5. Graph Editor

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