Linter v2

Gamemakin LLC - 2020/03/03

Scan your content for potential issues and inconsistent style conformity. Comes with rule sets for Unreal Engine's Marketplace Guidelines and Gamemakin LLC's ( Guidelines, but you can also create your own.

  • 지원 플랫폼
  • 지원 엔진 버전
    4.24 - 4.26
  • 다운로드 유형
    엔진 플러그인
    이 제품은 코드 플러그인과 함께 미리 빌드한 바이너리와 언리얼 엔진에 통합되는 모든 소스 코드를 포함하고 있으며 원하시는 엔진 버전에 설치하여 프로젝트에 따라 활성화할 수 있습니다.

Linter is an editor plugin that allows you to scan your content with rule sets in order to determine compliance to a style guide. Linter comes pre-bundled with rule sets for the Unreal Engine Marketplace Guidelines as well as the Gamemakin LLC Style Guide.

For support/discussion about Linter, please use the Gamemakin LLC Discord. For reporting inconsistencies between Linter the bundled style guides, or contributing to/forking our style guide, see our Github repo at

Overview Video


Linter can be set up to tell you if an asset is not named correctly, if blueprint variables are badly named, and more. You can also build your own lint rules in either Blueprint or C++, however C++ is currently recommended.

Simply right click in your content browser on any folder and you can then run the Linter.

Some additional features:

  • To Batch Rename, select multiple assets in the content browser, right click, and choose Batch Rename.
  • To edit blueprint property tooltips, select one or multiple blueprints in the content browser, right click, and choose Tooltip Editor.

기술적 세부사항

This is an editor only C++ plugin. Its purpose is to scan your project and warn you of style guide violations, a process commonly known as linting.

To learn more about what this is and why this exists, check out the Gamemakin LLC Style Guide which this plugin is founded around.

More technical documentation regarding Linter and the Style Guide can be found at our ReadTheDocs page.

Intended Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux