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Eat 3D Training Videos - Feed Your Brain


Eat 3D focuses to have the highest quality training videos geared toward 3D Artists. They put an obsessive amount of time and effort into their work, and are proud of the results.

Unreal Training Videos

UDK and game mod developers will receive a 20% discount. (excludes bundles)

After placing this order you will be contacted by eat3d with a discount coupon that will only work for Unreal Specific DVDs and only for your Eat3D account. You should be contacted between 1-2 business days.

Current Unreal Specific DVDs are:
UnrealScript - An Introduction and Application : http://eat3d.com/unrealscript
Unreal Development Kit 2 - Creating Cinematics & Environmental Effects : http://eat3d.com/udk_cinematics
UDK Lighting & Post Processing - An Introduction and Application : http://eat3d.com/udk_lighting
Unreal Development Kit - An Introduction and Application : http://eat3d.com/udk
Unreal Cascade - An Introduction and Application : http://eat3d.com/cascade
Unreal Kismet - An Introduction and Application : http://eat3d.com/kismet
Unreal Materials - An Introduction and Application : http://eat3d.com/materials
Unreal VFX - Material Transitions : http://eat3d.com/vfx

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