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Umod Wizard

Document Summary: A download page for the UmodWizard.

Document Changelog: Last updated by Michiel Hendriks, version update (2.40). Previous update by Richard 'vajuras' Osborne (UdnStaff) to update the wizard to version 2.36.

Umod Wizard is a tool that automates most the umod archive generation process. Licenses can use this tool to generate the ini/int for setup files. Mod Authors can use this tool to package mod distributions. The wizard is intended for all unreal powered games.

official Umod Wizard Page


  • Compressed zip file option has been added (now you can auto-generate non-umod files)
  • Enchanced Interface for Windows XP users
  • Shortcut Generation (start the game with command line options) for Windows and Linux consumers
  • Nearly 100% support for all of the umod installer capabilities (ini file updates, requirements, license agreeements, selectable groups)