class unreal.InterchangeMeshInstance

Bases: StructBase

  • A mesh instance is a description of a translated scene node that point on a translated mesh asset.

  • A mesh instance pointing on a lod group can have many lods and many scene mesh nodes per lod index.

  • A mesh instance pointing on a mesh node will have only the lod 0 and will point on one scene mesh node.

C++ Source:

  • Plugin: Interchange

  • Module: InterchangePipelines

  • File: InterchangePipelineMeshesUtilities.h

Editor Properties: (see get_editor_property/set_editor_property)

  • lod_group_node (InterchangeSceneNode): [Read-Write] Lod Group Node: If this mesh instance represent a LodGroup this member will not be null, but will be null if the mesh instance do not represent a lod group

  • mesh_instance_uid (str): [Read-Write] Mesh Instance Uid: This ID represent either 1: a lod group scene node uid or 2: a mesh scene node uid.

  • reference_morph_target (bool): [Read-Write] Reference Morph Target

  • reference_skinned_mesh (bool): [Read-Write] Reference Skinned Mesh

  • referencing_mesh_geometry_uids (Array[str]): [Read-Write] Referencing Mesh Geometry Uids: All mesh geometry referenced by this MeshInstance.

  • scene_node_per_lod_index (Map[int32, InterchangeLodSceneNodeContainer]): [Read-Write] Scene Node Per Lod Index: Each scene node here represent a mesh scene node. Only if we represent a lod group we can have more then 1 mesh scene node for a specific lod index.