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UE3 Home > Commandlets > Fix Up Redirects Commandlet
UE3 Home > Performance, Profiling, and Optimization > Content Profiling and Optimization > Fix Up Redirects Commandlet

Fix Up Redirects Commandlet


Makes certain that there are no redirectors causing content to be loaded when it should not be.

Detailed Motivation

Someone has checked in material into an always loaded package that should not be there. In the Content Browser you move the Material to a new location. Doing so will leave a redirector so that objects pointing to the previous Material will know where the new location is. The redirector will cause that content to be loaded until fixupredirects can be run.


To run this commandlet, from a command prompt window, navigate to the UnrealEngine3\Binaries directory.


The syntax is as follows:

[GameName].exe fixupredirects

How to use / turn on

Just run GAMENAME FixUpRedirects

NOTE: if you have more than one game you will want to do the following method:

  • run the commandlet on each of your games one at a time
  • revert any changes to engine content after each game is run except the last one
  • check in all the changed content

This will ensure that each game is correctly updated with the new location of Engine Content.