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RealD Stereoscopic 3D


RealD is a stereoscopic 3D technology that has been integrated into Unreal Engine. It causes the engine to output the scene as two side by side images, one from the left eye's perspective and one from the right, that are then translated into a 3D image by your computer's display hardware.

Standard Side by Side 3D
Standard Side by Side 3D

Hardware Requirements

In order to make use of the RealD integration, you need a display that supports Side by Side 3D. All 3D HDTVs and most PC monitors support this. Generally, PC monitors have a setting for enabling support for side by side 3D. Note: If your video card drivers force a specific type of 3D handling, you will need to disable that in the driver settings.

Known Compaitble Monitors:

  • Samsung S23A750D
  • LG Cinema 3D D2342
  • Playstation 3D Monitor


RealD uses two settings in the config files to control its behavior:

Command Description
StereoEnable If enabled, Unreal Engine renders using RealD 3D (Side by Side output).
DBAActive Enable or Disable RealD's Depth Budget Allocation technology (For Debug purposes only).

To enable RealD at start-up of your application, simply add the following to your DefaultEngine.ini file:


Note: If you are using UDKGame as your base, this is already contained in the DefaultEngineUDK.ini file. The default value for StereoEnable is false, however, requiring the setting int he file to be modified or use of the console command toggle to enable it.

Console Commands

Command Description
RealD ToggleStereo Enables/Disables RealD 3D (Side by Side output).
RealD StereoWidth [Value] Set Display Screen Size where Value is 2x display width in cm. (values of 100-200 are good for monitors, 400-500 good for TVs).