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UT2004 Maya Complete Plugins

Document Summary: Download location for the Maya Complete versions of the PLE plugin that shipped with UT2004

Document Changelog: Created 5/27/04 by Erik de Neve. Updated 9/20/04 fixed plug-ins by Erik de Neve. Updated on 2005-04-25 by Michiel Hendriks, fixed download links. Updated 2/06 to add support for v7.


By popular demand, here are Maya Complete / Maya Unlimited versions of the user-friendly UT2004 Maya-to-UnrealEd exporter, brought to you by Secret Level, Alias, and Epic Games, Inc. They facilitate export of static meshes, skeletal meshes and animations directly into the UT2004 editor. The exporters are functionally identical to the PLE version, and the installation process is the same.

Latest updates: 2/1/06 (Fixes a mirrored collision geometry bug.)

Old versions:

To install, right-click the link and save the file locally. Execute the self-installers only after both UT2004 and Maya have been installed on your system. After installation, help files will reside on your system in the "My Documents\maya\[maya_version_number]\docs" folder hierarcy.

Note that these plugins work only with the retail UT2004 editor, where they provide a user-friendly alternative to a subset of the ActorX plugin functionality.