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UnrealEngine2 Runtime UnrealScript Source Code (version 2226.19.03)


Document Summary: Introduction to the UnrealEngine2Runtime UnrealScript source code, including release information.

Document Changelog: Created and updated; maintained over time.


The source code is made available under the same license as the UnrealEngine2Runtime22261903 (also online). Do not use the Runtime or the source code if you cannot agree to the terms and conditions.

This page provides links to download version 2226.19.03 of the UnrealEngine2 Runtime UnrealScript source code, corresponding to the same version of the UnrealEngine2Runtime.

Obtaining the UnrealScript Source Code


If downloading through your web browser, it will likely ask you what it should do with the file. Click Save File or Save this program to disk, note the location where you're saving it to, and click OK.


Please note: If you unchecked Runtime modification association when you originally install the UnrealEngine2 Runtime -- that is, if you did not just simply hit Next several times -- you will need to manually install the UnrealScript sources by uncompressing the archive to your Runtime's System, and launching the Runtime install manually, using the command line setup.exe install ue2uscript.urm from within your Runtime's System directory.

Otherwise, please follow the instructions below:

  • Once your download completes, if the dialog provides you with the option to Open or Launch File, click that option. If not, click on Start, Run..., Browse... and navigate to where you saved the installation file. Double-click on the file, then click OK.
  • Double-click on UE2UScript.urm to launch the Runtime installer. Click on Next to proceed.
  • On the next screen, you can enter an alternative location to install the UnrealScript sources; the default is highly recommended, as the compiler does not immediately support other paths. Click on Next to continue.
  • Finally, click Next, then Install.
  • When the installation finishes, you can read the Release Notes (also online) or visit the UnrealEngine2 Runtime UnrealScript Source Code web site (this site).

Developing with the UnrealScript Source Code


The UnrealEngine2 Runtime ships with a version of the UnrealScript Debugger. This application allows you to step through running UnrealScript code to more easily debug your programs. Specially compiled versions of the stock Runtime packages are provided for this purpose. Their use is unsupported. Please back up your existing packages, as the debug versions are not network compatible, are not to be redistributed with your runtime projects and will slow down your execution time.