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Downloads Page


This page is a repository of downloadable content and example materials for use in developing games with UE3 and UDK.

Example Characters

UDK Skeleton

This example skeleton can be used to create new characters that take advantage of the existing animation sets that ship with UDK. The skeleton is provided as an FBX file so it can easily be imported into just about any 3D application.


Dungeon Defense Source

dungeon defense

GFxImport Commandlet Fix

If you receive an error about a missing PVRTexlib.dll when importing Scaleform SWFs (November 2011 UDK), download the gfximport.exe linked below (and extract from the .zip) and replace the version in your [UE3Directory]\Binaries\GFx folder. This should resolve the issue.

  • gfxexport.zip: Fixed importer to resolve missing PVRTexLib.dll error