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Resource Depot


The Resource Depot contains links to various tutorials, example code, and downloads as well as other sources of information.

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    Real-world examples and practical applications. Starter Kits - Mouse Interface - Custom Kismet Nodes - Interior Mapping - Distorted Reflections - Dynamic NavMesh Obstacles - Blob Shadows - Modular Pawns - Using Components - Edge Detection - And Many More.
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    Collection of video tutorials, some created by Epic developers and others by 3DBuzz, over using Unreal Engine 3 and UDK. Skeletal Mesh Pipeline - Editor Interface - Level Design - Kismet - Matinee - Materials - And Much More.
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    Links to outstanding community developed documentation and tutorials for the Unreal Development Kit. Written Tutorials - Video Tutorials - Tools and Utilities.
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    Collection of downloadable assets and resources for use with Unreal Engine 3 and UDK. Example FBX Character - Logos - Example Source Code.

Additonal Resources
  • Mod Home - Information and resources for mod developers using UT3 or Gears of War.