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UE3 Home > Unreal Editor and Tools > Referenced Assets Browser Reference

Referenced Assets Browser Reference


The Referenced Assets Browser allows you to view the assets that are being referenced by the currently-selected Actor in a level.

Opening the Referenced Assets Browser

The Referenced Assets Browser can be accessed through the View menu of the level editor. Selecting the Browser Windows > References option will open the Referenced Assets Browser directly. Another option is to click the Open the Content Browser button in the main level editor toolbar and then select the References tab in the browser window that opens.

Referenced Assets Browser Interface

The Referenced Assets Browser is divided into four regions:


  1. Menu Bar
  2. Tool Bar
  3. Reference Graph
  4. Reference List

Menu Bar


  • Refresh - refresh the Actors List.


  • Docked - This option will dock a currently floating browser into the main browser window. When the current browser is docked, this option appears checked.
  • Floating - This option will undock a docked browser from the main browser window causing it to become a floating browser in its own window. When the current browser is floating, this option will be checked.
  • Clone Browser - This option will create a duplicate of the current browser.
  • Remove Browser - This option will remove or delete the current browser. This option is only enabled on cloned browser windows.

Tool Bar

button_list.jpg Changes the asset view to list mode.
button_thumb.jpg Changes the asset view to thumbnail mode.
button_direct.jpg Displays only directly referenced assets.
button_all.jpg Displays all referenced assets.
button_customdepth.jpg button_referencedepth.jpg Allows the user to set a custom depth.
button_defaults.jpg Shows assets referenced by default properties.
button_script.jpg Shows assets referenced by script.
button_groupclass.jpg Displays references grouped by class.

Reference Graph

The reference graph is a hierarchical tree view of the referenced assets with the selected actor as the base node. The tree branches out with each subsequent level showing all the assets referenced by the parent actor or asset. Selecting an asset in the reference graph will also select it in the reference list. Double-clicking an asset in the reference graph will open its properties for editing.

Reference List

The reference list is a flat listing of all the referenced assets of the selected actor. It can be set to display as a simple text list or as thumbnails. The referenced assets can also be grouped by class for better organization. Double-clicking an asset in the reference list will open its properties for editing.