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UE3 Home > Commandlets > Set Texture LOD Group Commandlet
UE3 Home > Performance, Profiling, and Optimization > Content Profiling and Optimization > Set Texture LOD Group Commandlet

Set Texture LOD Group Commandlet

Purpose One Liner

Makes certain that textures are in the correct LOD group and fixes incorrect texture settings.

Detailed Motivation

All textures are part of a TextureGroup. A TextureGroup specifies a number of things including: Min/Max size, LODBias, and Filtering.

You want to make certain that textures are in the correct group so they are not abusing the texture pool.

Usually there are LOTS of textures and usually they are misclassified. Additionally, they sometimes also have incorrect settings for the type of texture they are (e.g. they are a normal map but are no being compressed!)

To fix up a large number of these issues we use the SetTextureLODGroup Commandlet. Which will set TextureLODGroups, LODBias, and fix up incorrect settings on a texture based on what type of texture it is (e.g. NormalMap)


To run this commandlet, from a command prompt window, navigate to the UnrealEngine3\Binaries directory.


The syntax is as follows:

[GameName].exe SetTextureLODGroup

How to use / turn on

NOTE: You will probably want to have a programmer look at the commandlet's code to see how it infers the TextureGroup.

Places to look for more details on TextureGroups:

  • DefaultEngine.ini SystemSettings
  • Texture.uc enum TextureGroup

Basically, if you have your content structured in a well defined way you can gain a lot of semantic details from just where the textures are located. We will utilize that to make certain that textures are in the correct TextureGroup.

Detailed Example(s)

Someone has imported a new texture that is going to be used on a gun shell particle effect. By default the TextureGroup is World. That someone forgets to correctly set the TextureGroup. That texture is also 1024x1024 because that shell particle effect LOOKS AWESOME! :-) In the texture pool we are now paying for a 1024x1024 :-(

When the SetTextureLODGroupCommandlet runs it will set that texture to be in the Effects Group which more than likely will have a smaller MaxLODSize than 1024. This results in texture pool savings with basically no extra effort.