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Skeletal Meshes


A skeletal meshes are built up of two parts, a set of polygons composed to make up the surface of the skeletal mesh and a hierarchical set of interconnected bones which can be used to animate the polygons.

Skeletal meshes are often used in Unreal Engine 3 to represent characters or other animating objects. The 3D models, rigging and animations are created in an external modeling and animation applications (3DSMax, Maya, Softimage, etc) that are then imported into Unreal Engine 3 by using Unreal Editor's Content Browser and saved in packages.

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    Technical documentation and tutorials over using the FBX pipeline to create content for and import content into UE3. Static Meshes - Skletal Meshes - Materials - Animations - Morph Targets.

Technical Topics
  • Actor Components - Actor components build up the visual components which represent an actor.

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