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Unreal Engine 3 and NVIDIA 3D Vision Direct


This page covers the issues specific to successful development and deployment of an Unreal Engine title that takes advantage of NVIDIA 3D Vision Direct technology.

User Overview

Upgrade your PC to a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D experience with NVIDIA® 3D Vision™. A combination of high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software, 3D Vision now automatically transforms UDK games into full stereoscopic 3D http://www.nvidia.com/object/3D_Vision_Main.html

What you'll need

Enabling in UE3

  • Set AllowNvidiaStereo3d=True in the engine ini.
  • Stereo only works in fullscreen and does not work in the editor.

Known Issues

First Runthrough

The first time you launch after installation, a profile will be created in the registry for your title. At present time (03/31/2010), this profile is incorrect for UE3. NVIDIA is working on a solution for UE3-derived titles. In the meantime, this workaround can be used:

  1. Install 3D Vision
  • Go to http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index5.aspx?lang=en-us
  • Under "Product Type", select "3D Vision"
  • Under "Poduct", select "Full driver CD for GeForce"
  • Under "Operating System", select your operating system
  • Select your language
  • Press Search
  • When prompted, save the file to a local directory
  • Install from the local directory
  1. Run 3D Vision Wizard
  2. Run UDK
  3. Exit UDK
  4. Run regedit
  5. Search for the Key Stereo3D, (should be under ...\NVIDIA Corporation\Stereo3D)
  6. Under this key should be another, called GameConfigs
  7. Under this key should be another, called UDK
  8. Delete all of the values in NVIDIA Corporation\Stereo3D\GameConfigs\UDK, but leave the key itself
  9. Close the registry and rerun UDK

This solution is less than ideal, and NVIDIA is working on a fix that should be available in the May 2010 timeframe.

Developer Overview

Developing a title that takes advantage of Stereoscopic Vision is a challenging endeavor. Using NVIDIA's 3D Vision Direct (nv3DV) technology makes this process much simpler, requiring minimal development effort while providing users with a rich stereoscopic experience. This document covers current, specific issues with UnrealEngine3 and nv3DV.

General Stereo Information

General information on Stereo Technology can be found at NVIDIA's developer website, here: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/3d_stereo_dev.html

Known Issues

3D Vision playback through Televisions

In order for gamers to use 3DVision on a television set, they must separately purchase a license for 3DTV Play, which they can purchase directly from NVIDIA. This will only need to be purchased once for all 3D Vision titles. See http://www.nvidia.com/object/3dtv-play-overview.html for more information.

Prior to Ship

Contact NVIDIA to have a 3D profile registered for your title. This will ensure that the driver is using proper heuristics, and to allow both NVIDIA and yourself to a chance to audit for any particularly serious stereo issues. Most titles will require minimal or no changes to get a "Good" rating for stereo.

NVIDIA can be contacted at epic-support@nvidia.com, or through the Developer Relations contact for your company. (If you do not have a Developer Relations contact, please contact NVIDIA via epic-support@nvidia.com). epic-support@nvidia.com is a heavily monitored email address, and response time will be very fast.