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User Interfaces & HUDs


The way in which the game communicates and interacts with the player is extremely important. User interfaces (UIs) and heads-up displays (HUDs) are the games way of providing information about the game to the player and in some cases allowing the player to interact with the game.

Unreal Engine 3 provides multiple means of creating UIs and HUDs. The Canvas class can be used to draw directly to the screen at a low level, overlayed onto the world. Scaleform GFx is also integrated into the engine and provides a complete menu and HUD solution using professional-grade tools such as Adobe Flash Professional. For mobile games, there is also a mobile menu system built on top of the Canvas functionality that provides the ability to create menus using touch input.

Getting Started Topics

Scaleform GFx

  • ScaleForm GFx - Overview of the Scaleform GFx integration in UE3.

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