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Video Training Modules

Document Summary: A main table of contents for training videos for Unreal Engine 3.

Document Changelog: Created by Mike Capps; maintained by Richard Nalezynski?


Often there's no better way to learn a tool than to watch it being used. With every Unreal Engine license, we provide an on-site training session for content developers, but it's not always feasible or possible for your entire team to attend. And of course, we're always adding new features to the engine, and we might add a tool after visiting your team.

So, we've made a series of video recordings of our training team using our toolset. We used a video capture tool that provides excellent resolution, so you can actually read the text on the editor windows, etc.

Accessing the Videos

Each of the links below leads to page of related training modules. For example, the VTMCascade page contains both a basic training module and a module that covers more advanced features.

The video training modules (VTMs) are attached to the bottom of these pages. Simply right-click and save the video to your local hard drive. Some of the modules are quite large, so to reduce bandwidth consumption, we'd appreciate you having one person download all the videos and store them in a directory that's accessible to the whole team.

For the development of these videos, we use an off-the-shelf tool called Camtasia Studio. To view the videos, you'll have to install their TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC). We've only tested this on Windows XP Pro with Windows Media Player (versions 9, 10 and 11). If you have any difficulties viewing these videos, please let us know.

Training Topics

Note, VTMs are were made in 2005. The techniques and concepts shown are still the same, though the tools workflow and visuals might differ.

  • VtmEditor - UnrealEd features such as BSP, static mesh placement, lighting, level optimization
  • VtmTerrain - Using UnrealEd terrain creation and modification tools
  • VtmMatinee - Training with the UnrealMatinee cinematic tools
  • VtmCascade - Training with the UnrealCascade particle tools
  • VtmKismet - Training with the UnrealKismet visual scripting tools
  • VtmPhAT - Using the Physics Asset Tool (PhAT) for collision, constraints, and more
  • VtmConstraints - Using physical constraints in the Unreal Engine
  • VtmMaterials - Training with the UnrealEd Material Editor