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My First GameInfo

Created by Chris Linder (DemiurgeStudios?) on 11-18-03 for 2226 builds. Last Updated by Chris Linder (DemiurgeStudios?). Last updated by Michiel Hendriks, because of 3323

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If you have not looked over the MyFirstCode document you should do that first.

The GameInfo in this example is very simple. Its only purpose is to specify the HUDType, the ScoreBoardType , the PlayerControllerClassName, the DefaultPlayerName, and the GameName. This game info does not create any new game type or store any new state about the current game.

A bit more information about the GameInfo class can be found in the GameRules document.

The Class

As mentioned above, this GameInfo is very simple.

class ExampleGameInfo extends GameInfo;

   GameName="Example Game"

Note: The CodeDrop2226 and 3323 version of this code additionally has the line: "bDelayedStart=false" which starts the game with no delay or waiting for the user to click. This line is not necessary for the Runtime or the UDNBuild because they already have bDelayedStart set to false in GameInfo.uc.

Once the simple game info that specifies these things has been created, the game INI file (ut2004.ini or ue2runtime.ini for example) must be updated to use this new GameInfo by default. See the MyFirstCode document for more details on installing the example.