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Unreal Engine 3 Art Asset Pipeline

Document Summary: This is a list of best practices for artists creating content for Unreal Engine 3.

Document Changelog: Created by Shane Caudle.


Early on, working with Unreal Engine packages can seem fairly straightforward; but as your project grows and you begin building out a lot of content, it can become difficult to manage all of the different asset types. Here is a breakdown of some best practices and suggestions for organizing content in your project.

Naming Conventions

It is recommended that content packages be organized in the following way:

Asset Type, Asset Name, Asset Sub Type (Used for Textures), LOD Level (used for MIPs, and mesh LODs)

Asset Type

Prefix Asset Type
SK_ Skeletal Mesh
SM_ Static Mesh
SMF_ Static Mesh Fractured
M_ Material
AS_ Anim Set
AT_ Anim Tree
PA_ Physics Asset
MTS_ Morph Target Set
T_ Texture
PS_ Particle System
ST_ Speed Tree


  • SK_Human
  • M_Human

Asset Sub-Type

Suffix Asset Sub-Type
D Diffuse
S Spec
N Normal
E Emissive
M RGB Mask
For characters this is used for:
* R = Spec Power Mask
* G = Fresnel Mask
* B = Transmission Mask

For Hair:
* R = Hair Alpha
* G = Could be used for something on the body
* B = Could be used for something on the body


  • T_Human_D.tga
  • T_Human_N.tga