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UE3 Home > User Interfaces & HUDs > Scaleform GFx > Storing and Retrieving Options in a Tab View

Storing and Retrieving Options in a Tab View


A quick tutorial on how you would store and retrieve options from a tabbed view.


  • Using the TabNavigatorDemo file, create a new view (MyView) by duplicating one of the other views in the library (Say SquareView), with export for ActionScript (the linkage ID) set to 'MyView'.
  • In this view, add a toggle button with the instance name of 'myToggleButton'.
  • Also add the following code on the timeline of this view:

myToggleButton.selected = _root.options.myToggleButton;
myToggleButton.addEventListener("select", this, "onSelect");

function onSelect()
  _root.options.myToggleButton = myToggleButton.selected;

  • Back to the main (_root) timeline, add a regular button to the stage on the 'demoPanel' layer with the instance name of 'myButton' on the first keyframe.
  • Add this code on the first keyframe as well:

myButton.addEventListener("press", this, "onPress");

function onPress()

  • Create a new layer called 'vars', with a single keyframe that spans the entire _root timeline. This keyframe/layer will store your global variables which can be accessed from anywhere.
  • On this keyframe, add the code:

if (!options)
  var options:Object = {};

  • Create a second keyframe on the 'demoPanel', 'demoComponents', and 'background' layers (but not the vars layer). And on this keyframe, on the 'demoPanel' layer, add another button with the instance name 'myButton'.
  • Also add this code to the 'demoPanel' layer on keyframe 2:

myButton.addEventListener("press", this, "onPress");

function onPress()

  • Delete the tab view movie clip ('demoComponents') on this frame (frame 2), so that only the button exists on frame 2.
  • Ensure this code is inside the 'demoComponents' movieclip (on frame 1):

bb.dataProvider = [
    {label:"Polygon", data:"PolygonView"},
    {label:"Circle", data: "CircleView"},
    {label:"Square", data:"SquareView"},
    {label:"MyView", data:"MyView"}


  • Publish/Test. Everything should work as expected.
  • Go to the MyView view using the button bar.
  • Then click on the toggle button to set its toggled state to true.
  • Then select another view.
  • Then reselect MyView, and the toggle button is still selected.
  • If you press the button to go to frame 2, where there is no tab view movie clip, then return to frame 1 with the button on that frame, and then select MyView, the toggle button should have remembered its last state.