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Getting Started (UDK)

Welcome to the Unreal Developer Network getting started page for the Unreal Development Kit (UDK). This page is designed to introduce UDK developers to Unreal Engine 3 and provide the resources for getting started.

But first...

Download the latest version of UDK here!



The Unreal Development Kit provides all the tools needed to make a huge variety of custom 3D applications and games using a combination of custom art, levels, and code.

UDK will be frequently updated as we add new features to the Unreal Engine. It comes with the Unreal Editor used for importing and creating content and levels, the UnrealFrontend, used for cooking, launching, and packaging your applications, and ActorX, used for importing meshes and animation from 3DS Max, Maya and other content creation applications.

UDK has very reasonable system requirements.


Code development in the Unreal Development Kit uses the UnrealScript programming language, a powerful object oriented programming language with special features for game development. For more information on getting started programming with the UDK, check out the UDK Programming page.

Visit the UDK Technical and Programming Home for more in depth information.

Content Creation - Artists, Animators, Level Designers and Audio Experts

Level designers use the Unreal Editor to create new worlds using existing content as well as custom content created by artists and imported into Unreal.

Artists and animators will also use the Unreal Editor for much of their work. Custom textures can be imported using the editor, and custom materials can be created using the material editing tools included in UnrealEd. Custom meshes and animations are imported using ActorX.

For more information on getting started making and importing custom art and audio, as well as creating levels with the UDK, check out the UDK Content Creation page.

Visit the UDK Content Creation Home and the UDK Level Creation Home for more in depth information.

Support - Documentation and Forums

For the latest UDK version information, see the UDK build notes.

As a mod developer using the Unreal Development Kit, you will have access to a limited amount of documentation via the Unreal Developer Network, as well as tutorials and Reference materials specific to mod development and games developed by Epic.

NOTE: An offline version of UDN is not available at this time. Spidering the UDN site is not allowed for anyone. This can cause the site to become very sluggish, which ruins the experience for other site visitors.

If you would like to submit a tutorial, please contact tutorialsubmissions@epicgames.com. If, after looking through UDN and the forums, you need specific information, you can request that the information be placed in a tutorial on UDN. New pages will be created as priorities allow. Please do not use this channel of communication for anything else.

The UDK forum is the place to go for questions, feature requests and discussions about the Unreal Development Kit. Feel free to contribute to help build the UDK community!

Please do not mail UDN directly unless otherwise directed.

Please do not mail Epic employees directly unless otherwise directed.

Watch out for the Mastering Unreal Technology book series and VTMs!

Need help moving stuff to a new build try the New Build Workflow page!

Additional Resources


From time to time, our developers post workflow tips and technquies that have helped them squeeze the most out of the Unreal Engine, as well as previews of upcoming features.

See the following for more information:

Video Tutorials

Epic and 3D Buzz are putting together new video tutorials focusing on using UDK. Check out the Video Tutorials page to see what's available.

Mastering Unreal Technology book

Portions of the Mastering Unreal Technology books by 3D Buzz are available to licensees.

Check out these chapters from the Mastering Unreal book series...

Mastering Unreal Technology: Level Design in Unreal Engine 3

Mastering Unreal Technology: Scripting in Unreal Engine 3