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Documentation including references, guides, and tutorials covering the creation of art assets and other content such as static meshes, skeletal meshes, materials, etc. in Unreal Engine 3.

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    General Information about developing games with Unreal Engine 3. Minimum Specs - Recommended Hardware - Recommended Software - Workflow - Frequently Asked Questions - Console Commands - Commandline Arguments - Confirguration Files - Blogs
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    First steps for asset creation, including environments, characters, materials, textures, and more. FBX Content Pipeline - Static Meshes - Skeletal Meshes - Physics Assets - Animations - Materials - Textures - Particles & Effects - Post Processes - Audio & Sound

Essential Reading

  • Animator - Information for animating skeletal meshes in Unreal Engine 3.
  • Character Artist - Creating skeletal meshes for characters in UE3.
  • Environment Artist - Creating static meshes to populate environments.
  • FX Artist - Information over creating special effects using particles.
  • Technical Artist - Tool creation, materials, profiling & optimization, polish.
  • Texture Artist - Guidelines for creating textures to be used in UE3.


DirectX 11

  • Mobile Home - Developing games for mobile platforms using Unreal Engine 3.

  • UDK Gems - A series of example-based tutorials over various topics.