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UE3 Home > Unreal Editor and Tools > Unreal Editor User Guide > Package Saving Procedure in UnrealEd

Package Saving Procedure in UnrealEd


There are two dialogs that can appear when you save a package. The dialogs allow you to easily control the packages saved by the editor. This document describes the dialogs in the order that they appear.

Note: The dialogs that appear when you save depend on the save option you select. For a list of save options please see the UnrealEd User Guide.

Save Packages Dialog


  • This is the first dialog that appears when you save. This is the master dialog that controls which packages are saved.
    • Save Selected will attempt to save all selected packages.
    • Don't Save will not save any packages and the editor will go back to what it was doing before hitting save.
    • Cancel will not save any packages and the editor will stop what it was doing before the save. For example if the editor is being closed, clicking "Save Selected" or "Don't Save" will still cause the editor to close but clicking "Cancel" will cancel the close process.

Note: During the save process, if your package is new and has not been saved to disk yet, you will be prompted with a Save As... dialog, allowing you to specify a filename.

Checkout Packages Dialog


  • This is the second dialog that can appear when you save. This dialog will not appear if you do not have source control enabled or there are no packages that need to be checked out from source control to save. Additionally, only read-only files appear in this dialog. For more information about source control please see the Source Control Integration page.
    • Check Out Selected will check out all selected packages. Note that ghosted packages are packages which cannot be checked out because they are checked out and locked by another user. Packages can only be checked out by one user at a time.
    • Make Writable makes selected packages writable. Even ghosted packages can be made writable. Simply click on the check box next to the name. A "square" icon will appear for ghosted packages. This is to let you know that this package will be ignored if you click "Check Out Selected." Note that it is usually not a good idea to use this option if your source control provider makes files read only that are not checked out as this makes the source control provider have no knowledge of your changes. You will be warned when using this button if you make a file writable that is not checked out from source control.
    • Cancel will cancel the checkout procedure but will still save packages which did not need to be checked out to save.